80% of success is just showing up. So capitalize on your individuality and share your gift of singing!”


Students will work in a professional studio recording takes in the vocal booth. The theory is quite simple "Practice makes perfect'. The coach will record multiple takes of your song and can edit in or "punch in" segments that can be improved. At the end of each session you will be one step closer to having a professional master recording that you can use to showcase your talent.

Students will also be given the opportunity to perform LIVE at the "Songster Unplugged" showcase which happens monthly at a high profile location in Vancouver. This gives you the opportunity to be SEEN and HEARD and showcase your talents.

Once you've reached the professional level, Songster's Management Division will work hard to book you for a variety of gigs or will prepare you to enter one of the many singing competition shows where you can, once again, showcase your amazing talents.

Songster Studios is the perfect first step for you to launch your professional singing career or to just have fun, sing at home and impress all your friends at the next family karaoke gathering.

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